Welcome To NextFED, Inc.

NextFED is a consulting firm headquartered in the National Capitol region that provides companies and key decision makers focused on National Security with the essential information and strategic plans needed to achieve their missions. Founded in 2011, NextFED is a privately-held woman owned small business with TS/SCI access that resulted from the merger of executives from MITA Group and SC. We have a deep understanding of the National Security Mission and decades of experience and expertise across both the public and private sectors.

Our Approach

We understand government and private organizations and know how to maneuver through the issues. We can engage with the most senior level decision makers, buyers, analysts, and technical experts on your behalf. We can help your business develop new technologies, find partners, win contracts, and acquire capabilities. Whether you are an established government contractor or a private company looking to enter the government market, our team has the relationships, experience and expertise to take you to the next level and beyond.
The principles of NextFED have over 50 years of experience inside the U.S. National Security Community covering most functional elements of that customer set – operations, science and technology, administrative and analytics. All of us keep current with this market through consulting involvement to the end users. This provides us a unique “inside out” view of how best to address evolving, high profile solutions for this client set. Equally important, all NextFED members have significant experience in the private sector, providing us with a realistic view of what new technologies and approaches will resonate with the customers but also are realistic from a delivery perspective and can be delivered profitably.
There is always shifting landscape in any federal customer base and we are now faced with tremendous pressure on budgets, efficiency and cost savings. Some of the most successful, forward leaning firms in the Nation Security space are providing extraordinarily effective technology solutions that are perhaps the antithesis of historical pedestrian service personnel delivery. Depending on the strategic approach being considered by our clients, aligning with some of these companies can range from simple partnering on target proposals or projects through building acquisition targeting information and post-acquisition integration and alignment. NextFed principles are deeply involved in the search for world class technologies that are designed to change the unique posture of bidders in the National Security space.
As all present providers to this market understand fulfilling the needs of the customers is the ultimate objective of any customer in this space. Companies in this somewhat tumultuous market will best be served by being judged by the customers as helping through the present climate. Those that are viewed simply as trying to “uplift their present contract base” will be less favorably viewed. It is our “inside out” view of the real objectives of the decision makers in the community and how they view those objectives best being met by emerging technology and implementation “thinking.” Frequently clients need to “get in front” of traditional proposals by “setting the table” with unsolicited inputs and assistance. NextFED principles are considered frequently tasked by federal decision makers with building white papers and other conceptual pieces designed to set the stage for acquisition and/or proposal development.
A core value that NextFED has provided customers for two dozen years is red teaming of concepts and proposals as well as due diligence on acquisition and potential teaming partners for our clients. Again, with an “inside out” view, we can frequently determine what projects and companies are considered very successful by the end user customers. Moreover, we can benchmark both technologies and companies for partnering opportunities “from the customer’s perspective.”

Meet Our Team

Aaron Myers

Managing Partner

Previous Experience:

  • Investment Officer, King Kuba Capital (World Bank-backed Private Equity Fund) (2011-2013)

  • Associate, The Avascent Group (2005-2011)

  • Policy Analyst, International Relations Branch, SPARTA, Inc. (2004-2005)

  • Consultant, Sudan Task Force, Africa Bureau, United States Agency for International Development (2003)

Mr. Myers is a Managing Partner with NextFED where he works primarily on merger and acquisition-related engagements in the aerospace, defense and government services markets. He has a decade of experience working on transactions ranging in size from several million to over a billion dollars in transaction value. Mr. Myers joined NextFED in February 2014 where he has led numerous M&A engagements for the firm. Prior to NextFED, Mr. Myers worked for an emerging market private equity fund for two years. He also worked as a management consultant at The Avascent Group where he led or assisted on nearly 50 M&A related engagements over six years. In addition, Mr. Myers worked briefly for defense contractor SPARTA (now Parsons) and the Africa Bureau of USAID.

Mr. Myers graduated from Georgetown University’s School of Foreign Service with a Bachelor of Science in Foreign Service.

Timothy Reardon

Managing Partner

Mr. Reardon is a Managing Partner with NextFED and co-leads the firm’s strategy and merger and acquisition-related engagements in the aerospace, defense, and government services markets. He joined NextFED after spending five years at a cybersecurity firm, where he served as Executive Vice President of Corporate Development and led all M&A and investment efforts.

Previously, Mr. Reardon worked as Director of Sales and Trading for a Toronto-based financial services provider, where he led M&A and corporate strategy initiatives for the firm and headed the successful expansion of the corporation’s presence in the United States.

Mr. Reardon graduated from James Madison University with a B.A. in Finance, and he earned a Master of Business Administration degree from Georgetown’s McDonough School of Business.

James Hunt


Previous Government Service and Private Sector Highlights:

  • U.S. Government scientist (1975-1981)

  • Founder & CEO, BDS, Incorporated (1982-1991)

  • Vice President, BTG, Incorporated (1991-1992)

  • Managing Director, System Integration (1994-1996)

  • Founder & CEO, Ernst & Young Technologies, Inc. (1996-2004)

  • President, Cap Gemini Technologies, Inc. (2004-2006)

  • General Partner, The MITA Group, LLC (2006-2012)

  • President and General Partner, NextFED (2012-Present)

Mr. Hunt served as the CEO of BDS for 9 years prior to its merger with BTG. The subsequent merged company went public in 1992. Hunt worked at BDS with three venture investors that invested in BDS in 1986. Hunt grew the company, led the merger and successfully exited his position in the merged company via the IPO.

Mr. Hunt was asked to create the system integration practice at PriceWaterhouse, which he did in 1994. That business was successfully sold to IBM subsequent to Hunt’s departure.

As the founder and CEO of Ernst & Young Technologies, Mr. Hunt grew the business in three years to greater than $100M in revenue. During a period when many consulting businesses were sold or spun-off from their audit practices, E&Y consulting was sold to Cap Gemini. Two years after that sale, Ernst & Young Technologies was also sold to Cap Gemini where Hunt agreed to stay on to run the company for two years as President.

After 25 years of running technology consulting and integration companies, Mr. Hunt joined “The MITA Group” with two other partners. That consultancy was focused on advisory services at the intersection of the business community and government.
As partners of the MITA Group began to reach retirement, Mr. Hunt joined Joanne Isham in the formation of NextFED, a consultancy also focused on a similar philosophy to MITA. With Hunt and Isham’s experience in the national security space, most of NextFED’s clients task the firm with advisory work relative to that market.

Mr. Hunt has been an active angel investor since the early ‘90’s. As such he has invested in over 75 companies and exited 24 of those companies. He current sits on the boards of 6 of the companies he has invested in. His principle focus is companies with an intersection between commercial and government sales.