Merger and Acquisition Support

NextFED is qualified and positioned to provide a spectrum of Merger and Acquisition Support within the U.S. National Security Community.   We have an extensive network of Subject Matter Experts in the public and private sector professionals that provide insight and access.

Our focus areas include:

• What are some of the most relevant macrotrends that will be affecting this company in the future?
• Will these trends present opportunities or challenges for the target?
• How large are the addressable and adjacent markets?
• How fast is the market growing or declining?
• In a declining market, is the target’s revenue at risk?
• Is there an overconcentration of revenue or profitability?
• Are there major recompetes on the horizon?
• How much small business or subcontract risk is there?
• How differentiated is the company’s technology or service offering?
• Do the products or services fit with a core mission?
• Are competitors developing technologies that may make the target’s technology obsolete?
• How engrained are the target’s competitors?
• Does the target have a strong pipeline of opportunities?
• How well are they positioned to capture these opportunities?
• Are their estimates of pWin reasonable or over/underestimated?
• Are there highly relevant deal and public-equity multiples that can help to bind the valuation?

Strategic Planning and Advisory

NextFED has a clear understanding of the environment and insights into the challenges facing the Community. Our team has an extensive background in government service and industry. We leverage this talent to help industry define and execute strategies to grow their business long-term.

Our focus areas include:

• NextFED assesses market size and identify fast-moving market segments for growth.
• We evaluate unique customer requirements and competitive barriers to entry.
• Our team identifies highly relevant actionable opportunities that map directly to attractive market segments.
• NextFED identifies logical teammates that map to customers growth strategy.

Business Development and Capture Support

NextFED’s team is highly skilled in business development and capture pursues. We work closely with executive management teams to understand our client’s products, competitive environment, and overall growth strategies.  We help our clients build and execute programs to better distinguish you from your competitors, leverage relevant policy, establish effective alliances and shape meaningful business development plans to capture new opportunities and create lasting competitive advantages. 

Our focus areas include:

• NextFED provides strategic advice on pursuit approach that is seeped in an intimate knowledge of customer demands based on current conversations with relevant decision-makers.
• Based on the above, our team supports proposal writing, conduct competitive analysis and participate in color team meetings.
• We develop customer road maps with contact details and recommendations on approach.
• NextFED provides recommended changes to marketing collateral to map to customer requirements.
• Our experts advise clients on required changes to product or service offerings to best fit with evolving customer objectives.
• The Team conducts initial outreach to customers to promote client products and services.

Commercialization of Dual-Use Technology

NextFED leadership has an extensive background in developing, investing in, and advising on strategies for commercialization of dual-use commercialization. Our executives advise government agencies with strategies for commercialization.

Our focus areas include:

• NextFED executives have over 30 years of experience developing, investing in and advising on strategies for the commercialization of dual-use technology.
• Our investments are in over 60 early stage companies with a presence in government and commercial markets and assisted with the successful exits of 20 companies.
• Our executives have co-invested in numerous companies with In-Q-Tel.
• We have experience advising government agencies with strategies for the commercialization of government IP.
• Built complete “cradle to grave productization” strategies for clients.
• Leverage federally funded product development to commercialize, productize and sell the products into both federal and commercial markets.
• Develop sales channel strategies to the federal government to include: GSA submission; SI and disadvantaged business partnering; proxy board formation and governance.